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Development of Social Sphere the JSC «Uzbekenergo»

The Power Company gives consideration to improvement of social life and increasing of well-being of employees of the branch.

In 2012, 13 social-cultural and health improving objects operated including: 2 medical centers, 2 rest homes, 2 recreation zone, 1 sanatorium, 4 children's camps, 2 sport complexes in 2012.

Based on the Decree of the President about adoption of the annual Government Program, the Branch Program is developed which includes performance of measures for following directions:

- Allocation of the interest-free loan to power engineering specialist families for payment of an initial installment of the Mortgage credit for property acquisition of building under construction in a countryside and Republican cities;

- Rendering of financial support to newly-married couples in the form of allocation of the interest-free loan for acquisition of essential commodities;

- Rendering of financial support at a rate of the minimum salary in the Branch, to mothers who are on leave to care the child;

- The arrangement of free visiting by youth and children of the Branch workers of sports sections of Power & Electrification Industry;

- Health improvement of children of Power & Electrification Industry’s workers in Branch children's reabilitation camps "Gajrat-energetik", "Nurafshon", "Sokhibkoron", "Powerman" and in other children's rehabilitation camps;

- Provision of rest of the Power & Electrification Industry workers and their children in rest homes of the Branch enterprises and other sanatoriums of the Republic, granting of preferential discounts to the youth who are working in the Power Branch, for purchase of trip sheets;

- Carrying out of periodic medical professional examination of the Branch workers, paying the special attention to those who are working in heavy-load conditions and their health improvement in the Branch Medical Sanitary Units and other clinics.

In 2012, the capital reconstruction of social objects of the Power & Electrification Industry had been made for the amount of 1905,0 mln sum , including: objects of housing in the amount of 60,5 mln sum and social premises in the amount of 1844,5 mln. sum.

The capital reconstruction for the social premises at the amount of 3318,5 mln sum is provided for 2013.

In accordance with the Protocol of the Cabinet of the Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 01-03-35-46 dated 15.12.2011, 254 heads of large horned livestock was purchased by the company enterprises. In 2012, it was produced and sold 700 t of milk and 17,5 t of meat. The general livestock of cattle containing on part-time farms of the company enterprises comes to 1764 heads, including 1059 heads of large horned livestock and 705 heads of small horned livestock.

Today, the company has the greenhouses of the total area of 8,03 hectares. At the existing greenhouses and newly introduced hothouses in 2012, it was sold 290 t of cucumbers, 76 t of tomatoes and 6 t of lemons.

In OJSS "Djizzak PTES" it was developed the apiary farm for 70 caps.

Besides, according to the Protocol of session of Presidium of the Cabinet of the Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan №8 dated 28.01.2013 «About Measures on Complex Development of Increasing of Industrial Potential and Industrial Infrastructures in the Regions of Republic» from the party the JSC "Uzbekenergo" it was organized number of projects directed to social and economic development of the Branch. The Program includes the implementation of 103 projects with estimated costs in amount of 115,5 bln sum that allow to create additionally 2644 workplaces.

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