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10 january 2019 y. - 10 september 2019 y.


A meeting of two delegations headed by the Chairman of the Board of “Uzbekenergo” JSC - U. Mustafoev and the General Director of “Power Machines” PLC - T. Lipatov (Russian Federation) was held at “Uzbekenergo” JSC.

jan. 10
16 august 2017 y. - 16 december 2017 y.

In the joint-stock company "Uzbekenergo" were elected the chairman of the Council of Leaders of the Youth Union and the coordinators of the directions

On August 14, JSC "Uzbekenergo" was held a general meeting on the election of members of the Council of the Union of Youth, the main coordinator and coordinators of the directions of society. Activists of the councils of the Youth Union, working at the enterprises of JSC "Uzbekenergo",...
aug. 16
03 august 2017 y. - 04 october 2017 y.

Priority issue - executive discipline

Ensuring the implementation of regulatory legal acts of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan is considered the main task of each legal and physical person of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
aug. 03
26 july 2017 y. - 26 october 2017 y.

Memorandum of Understanding between JSC Uzbekenergo and Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)

On July 21, the ceremony of signing a Memorandum of Understanding between Uzbekenergo JSC and Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) was held at the Hyatt Regency Tashkent Hotel.
july 26
26 july 2017 y. - 26 september 2017 y.

The combat against corruption is the guarantee of the security of the state and society

On July 21 of this year in the conference hall of JSC "Uzbekenergo" a training seminar was held on the theme: "Combat against corruption", aimed at further raising the spiritual and legal literacy of the employees of the joint-stock company.
july 26
10 november 2016 y. - 31 december 2016 y.

Attention to corporate customers of personal cabinet.

In connection with the change of the user certificate of the new sample with the extension (.pfx) SNO from entities sending the report for the electricity consumed by the "Personal Account" for technical reasons temporarily suspended. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.
nov. 10
17 may 2016 y. - 31 may 2016 y.

SEMINAR About the application of labor legislation, protection and compensation of employees, conducting personnel records at the enterprises of JSC "Uzbekenergo"

In order to improve the level of knowledge of employees of trade union committees and trade union activists, human resources and legal departments, specialists in occupational safety and economical service enterprise of JSC "Uzbekenergo"
may 17
23 april 2015 y. - 23 may 2015 y.

Wind energy potential in Uzbekistan is more than one trillion kWh a year

Tashkent – April 23, 2015. A National Conference on Development of Wind Energy Potential Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held in the International Business Center.
apr. 23

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